Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I will get there eventually, lol

I so rarely update this as I don't feel that I'm really getting anywhere. As I don't update often I forget about my goal and this poor little blog.

Well things have been changing for months now and I realized it would be a nice place to update my changes.

My first big change is that I'm back to wearing makeup almost daily. What made this possible is the bare minerals makeup. While I've been doing everything but my eyes for almost a year, I'm finally able to do my eyes as well. I tried the loos powder eyeliner and it works great. Mascara is still an issue, however I did find that I can have my eyelashes dyed with vegetable dyes and it works well. They are still somewhat sparse, but it works. My mom also gave me a mascara to try that does seem to have possibilities. Its based in natural waxes and mineral colors. So far I've worn it twice and it seems to be going well. It's volumizing so I'm really liking that.

Now for the better news... we moved about 2 months ago and the house is so much better set up. Instead of walking thru the kitchen for everything.. I can now walk to the bedrooms, bathroom, dining room , living room or outdoors without being tempted. For the first 6 weeks here I couldn't find my scale. Not a big deal and I knew my clothes were fitting better.

On the night of a fondue party I finally found the scale. The next morning I stepped on it with some trepidations, but braved it out. When we moved I weighed XXX ( will be some time before I admit that number, but I will after a certain point). The number on the scale that particular morning was 14lbs lower! Granted that first week I went up again instead of down, but I kept thinking about it.

then as it so often does.. changes clicked and the weight started coming off. After seeing the 14lbs loss I put back on 3lbs.. but now am down a total of 19lbs from that evil starting weight!!

I'm doing it by doing small meals and snacks during the day and allowing myself to eat a normal dinner at night with Joe and JP. My meals and snacks are averaging under 150calories with the exception of lunch. Lunch can be from the same 150cals to around 500cal. I'm making sure I snack on fruits and veggies and also remaining Take Shape for Life mini meals that I have left over.  May not be a really regimented plan but its WORKING!

When you have a lot of weight to lose, you tend to get excited at seeing the next 10lb block on the scale, or at least I do. This morning I hit the next level down and its a number i don't think I've seen in 2.5 years! I am now setting mini goals and finding other ways to keep motivated.

My first goal is to lose another 13lbs by January 12, 2011. Thats the day I have to be on a plane to go to a business seminar. Last year I researched seat belt extenders.. and in the end just held my breath and prayed and I did manage to use the seatbelts on the plane.. but it was almost too small. I'm looking forward to doing that again this year with a 30lb difference.

There is another part of me that wants a different weight loss of 55lbs total by then. I think it's doable, but I also think it will push my luck too much, discourage me and then I will give up. So instead of setting a goal of an additional 38lbs.. I'm setting my mini goal of 13lbs.

I'm also working on setting up a texting support group in a group of moms I know online.. so far there are about 8 of us that are interested. I'm hoping that quick support works to keep me/us on track. Just need to find a way to add in exercise and then I do believe I will start off my summer in a much happier place!