Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A couple of new steps towards F.R.U.M.P -dom

I last got my hair cut on New Years Eve.. yep.. nearly 8 months ago. The other night I just stopped at a quick cut place and chopped off about 4 inches to my usual angled bob cut. Good thing I'm accustomed to big changes like that, lol.

Today - and this is exciting to me- I found a new mascara that had GREAT possibilities. It's Loreal Bare Naturale. I put it on after lunch and still have no major irritation. This is huge as I can't wear most mascara's anymore. I have rosacea that is relatively mild.. except for my eyes. The roscaea causes or triggers blepharitis when I wear most eye makeups. Its awful and I have very pretty dark green eyes. I stopped wearing eye makeup regularly about 3 or 4 years ago now. I miss it, and miss accentuating the few vague eyelashes that I do have.

Last night I went shopping for a top to go with some shorts as we're headed to Sesame Place this weekend. They were having a nice sale and I've decided to buy 1-2 pieces of clothing every month and build a wardrobe I like. I tried on a lovely top and a pair of trouser style jeans today. LOVED the outfit, but not enough to buy it without a coupon or two, lol.


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Step 1 - start with the easiest place for you

For me this meant taming my overgrown eyebrows. They weren't wild, but definitely thicker then needed. I decided to use an eyebrow stencil I bought about 6 weeks ago thinking that would give me a better look. Nah.. I do better without the stencil. They are a bit uneven, but only if you look close. It's a start and it was an easy start, lol.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

F.R.U.M.P. File beginnings

F - Fashionable
R - Radiant
U - Unforgettable
M - Mom
P - Panache

When I became pregnant I wanted to take steps to make sure I didn't become a frumpy mom. My son is now nearly 18 months old and I realize I've made absolutely zero progress to my goal. I started a wonderful program called take Shape For Life and lost about 40lbs. Then my husband went into the hospital and I got lazy. The title idea for my blog came to me this morning on the way to work. The necessity for me to start this blog became apparent when I went shopping and avoided the dozens of mirrors along the way. In 14 days We are headed to Sesame Place and I'm already uncomfortable with how I will look. I do not want to look back on my sons childhood and remember moments by how self conscious I was. I do not want to look thru pictures and realize that I am in so very few of them because I'm embarrassed to be photographed. This is no way to live life, these are not skills I want my son to learn... or daughter if we ever have one. So I'm not a perfect figure currently. That doesn't mean I can't look my best. I have to break out of my rut of T-shirts tossed over jeans or shorts leaving a boxy appearance. Yes my hair is healthy and shiny. But also severely in need of a cut and style. Makeup? my mom was quite generous this year in giving me quite the set of Bare Essentuals makeup between Christmas and my birthday. I use the foundation, blush and mineral veil. I thnk it's time to step up, take control and become the F.R.U.M.P Mom that I KNOW I can be... and time to leave the 'frump' mom I am behind.

Are you in a rut? Would you like to break out and are not sure how? Need motivation? Need a partner as you go thru the process? Please join me and let's get F.R.U.M.P.'y' together!