Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yes I can have that!

Ugh.. sorry but I need to vent for a quick minute.

I'm so tired of hearing what I can and can't have to eat in everyone else's opinion.... OR being asked what I CAN eat.

Since it's really simple, I'll make it clear and quick.

I eat WHATEVER I want! I either just have less of it OR I fit it into my meal plan for the day! I've had bday cake three times in one week.. I have chocolate, ice cream, cheese, etc.. all the things people think I 'can't' eat. By being in control of how much of it I eat I am able to enjoy it instead of mindlessly eat it. One of my Sunday  treats is a oz piece of brie with mushrooms in it. Before I made my lifestyle change I would eat the entire block in a day or two... but did I really enjoy it after the first few bites? no. Now I enjoy it and get perfectly satisfied with my oz portion and that works for me.

Today my husband wanted to get ice cream and I said they could get some but I didn't want any. He got annoyed and asked what can I have. I told him I can have it.. but I don't WANT it... big difference!

ok..rant over.. sorry about that

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yay! I'm still going strong!

I am thrilled to say that I think I've figured it out finally. I count my calories.. but eat what I want. If it's too high in calories or fat then I either work out more, or have it another time, or redo it so that its lower in calories.

I'm learning that I can choose healthier options when out and about and have even been subjected to places such as McDonalds, Subway, Five Guys and Fries and even a diner with the typical millions of choices. I've just become much better at choosing something that is better for me. Now don't get me wrong.... I still have big calorie meals ( we threw a taco party this past weekend... i did not avoid anything), i just have them much less or I make sure I hit the gym for a good calorie burning workout beforehand. My sodium levels were thru the roof on Saturday from Taco night... but a good day or two with tons of water cleared that up, lol.

I'm also highly thrilled to say that after an 8 year search I have not only found an eye makeup line that I can wear.. but that I have been wearing it for nearly 2 weeks without ANY irritation! This is HUGE for me. At most I've gotten to 3 days and that was it. In addition this makeup is not waterproof... but does not budge! I even wear it when working out at the gym.

Now everyone is different and I recognize that, so this is wonderful for me, but may still cause a reaction in others. I've tried the most hypoallergenic eye makeup I can find and have had reactions. This makeup is free from a lot of standard ingredients and seems to be perfect. I'm loving it and loving seeing my eyes again in their beautiful accent.

The name of the line I am now wearing? tarte cosmetics 

I am so thrilled and even have the mascara ( which volumizes my lashes unbelievably) on auto ship, lol. The 2 particular products I'm in love with are:

the emphasEYES aqua-gel eyeliner in brown and lights, camera, lashes! natural mascara

oh shoot... after looking up the website and those 2 products I'm doomed.... see many more things I need to put on my want list, lol.

oh! and since I have now gotten back to my usual makeup look and routine.. I needed a new haircut to tame my overgrown mop. Talk about a find for me, lol..... I found a place 5 min from my home... in a little no nothing shop.. and got an amazing cut. I was actually thrilled with it when I left the shop.. and thats rare, lol.

So let's see......

continued path towards better health - check!
new eye makeup to achieve the polished look - check!
new haircut to feel confident and polished as well - check!

looks like my frumpy days are finally heading to the past and I am so happy to feel polished, pretty and confident again! I even bought a sharp new purse today in an eye catching color that is so unlike me. I'll add a pic of it later, lol.