Sunday, July 12, 2009

Doing good...

I though I'd update you all on my rut busting activites. The eyeliner pencil from Pur Minerals has been working out great. Only had one day I had to hold off wearing it. I can't believe how good it feels to wear makeup again and feel pretty. There is also an added benefit of this particular makeup. It's the first eyeliner that has not run, smeared, or smudged where you don't want it to. Not only can I wear it, but I don't have to constantly clean up smears and reapply. Definitely worth the $16.50 price tag.

Another added beneft has been my subconscious weight loss. I haven't been actively trying, but did lose 10lbs over the last month! Of course now I'm eating bad snacks again so time to get proactive and take more smart steps then not and keep up the weight loss.

There is a chance that I'll be on a business trip in January to Las Vegas. Would love to go and know I look great and non frumpy, lol

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