Sunday, July 12, 2009

Doing good...

I though I'd update you all on my rut busting activites. The eyeliner pencil from Pur Minerals has been working out great. Only had one day I had to hold off wearing it. I can't believe how good it feels to wear makeup again and feel pretty. There is also an added benefit of this particular makeup. It's the first eyeliner that has not run, smeared, or smudged where you don't want it to. Not only can I wear it, but I don't have to constantly clean up smears and reapply. Definitely worth the $16.50 price tag.

Another added beneft has been my subconscious weight loss. I haven't been actively trying, but did lose 10lbs over the last month! Of course now I'm eating bad snacks again so time to get proactive and take more smart steps then not and keep up the weight loss.

There is a chance that I'll be on a business trip in January to Las Vegas. Would love to go and know I look great and non frumpy, lol

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

I think about this blog frequently...

However I rarely post as I feel I'm getting no where in changing my blah-rut.

However I was inspired to write today. While my weight loss efforts have stalled, and my wardrobe efforts are influenced by a tight budget, something else has had a positive change over the last 2 weeks.

It used to be a fact that I never walked out of the house without makeup on. If nothing else then a foundation and powder base. When I reached my destination.. or while driving.. I'd apply the rest.

About 7 years ago that changed. I have beautiful eyes. Well shaped and a gorgeous dark green color. However 7 years ago I developed a problem out of the blue. Some days one eye and one eye only would be bright red. Other days I'd be doing something and my eyes would burn and tear and I'd have to remove all my eye makeup. Long story short is the fact that I have mild rosacea on my face, but the occular rosacea has been hard to overcome. Most eye shadows/mascaras/liners result in either the aforementioned tearing/burning.. or blepharitis.. an eye infection of sorts. To make life easier I stopped wearing eye makeup except for certain special occasions. And so my rut was started. I felt unfinished without eye makep and gradually stopped wearing all makeup. Without the facade of my makeup I didn't feel pretty despite what others told me. I felt that I was able to blend in and fade away, which I guess I thought I needed for a few years.

Last Christmas my mom bought me a gorgeous starter set of Bare Essentuals. I've worn it off and on over the last year or so, but never kept up with it because I'd gotten into such a rut. However I started trying it again about 2 weeks ago. First the foundation and mineral veil (finsihing powder). Then I added blush ... then some warming color accent. For a real test I started wering the eye shadows and mineral powder liners this week. On Wednesday I had a million compliments although I still wasn't wearing all that much. I felt better about myself as well. I felt more like me again. I've still been in a dilema about eyeliner and mascara though. Today I went to a cosmetic super-store near me called Ulta. They sell everything from dirt cheap to oh-my-god-i-need-a-mortgage-to-wear-that brands of makeup. I was looking for something in the middle economy range, lol. Bare Essentuals I love, but they do not make a liner pencil that I'm aware of. I asked one of the associates and she thought for a minute and recommended PurMinerals. Same basic concept and they make a liner pencil. I went and looked and took the plunge on a $16.50 eyeliner in a color temptingly named Chocolate/Mica. I also made sure I could return it if I had a reaction to it. I put the eyeliner on a different way on each eye. One has the liner first, then eye shadows, the other has eye shadow then liner on top. Its been on for about 3 hours and so far so good. Mild irritation which sould be more from not being used to wearing makeup. So far none of the fuzzy floaters which is the best desciption of what usually makes me stop wearing the eye makeup. The one eye also has a brand of mascara that doesn't bother my eyes over much... Bare Naturale by L'Oreal, unfortunately it doesn't do much to lengthen or volumize my pitiful lashes. Pur makes one that is supposed to lengthen and add volume though and I may try that in a few weeks.

Now that I'm feeling better about how I look I'm starting to be more aware of what I'm eating and making small changes. Not sure if the weight or the wardrobe will change next.. but at least my makeup looks good, lol