Saturday, March 12, 2011

Another week - going strong

I had a very good week - even with multiple birthday cakes. I turned 41 this week and had cake last Friday with friends and on Wednesday with my coworkers. The funny part was they both got the exact same cake, lol. Lots of chocolate, lots of cannoli filling, lol

Tuesday I saw my personal trainer ( first ever for me) and it was interesting. We are going light on a lot of upper body things until we see how I do with them. So far I've been fine. My right shoulder has been sore, but basically muscle soreness. I meet with David again on 3/22 and then the fun starts. He said he was really going to push me - yikes!

On Monday and Thursday I took group classes. Monday night was Sh'Bam and oh did we laugh, lol. I was there with my best friend and her sister and my friend almost took us both out several times. It was great, lol. Thursday we did a BodyCombat class and really like that one. I had some shoulder issues at the end, but again so far so good. There are a few more classes I want to take.. but these btoh gave a great first impression. My goal for the gym was to go 3 -4 days a week.. so far I'm going 5-6, lol. Works for me as I just want the weight off and to be healthy and strong.

Oh I have a funny story on the strength aspect. David had me use a machine that looked like a chair with a half back that was tipped forward. You sit on it and work your legs by pushing up and down. He had me use it for calf raises by just moving my ankles up and down. When I met with him Tuesday he had me do it with no weight on it. When I did them yesterday I was being lazy and left the 25lb weights on. It wasn't until 2 hours later when I was emailing my friend that I realized that  2 weights at 25lbs each ... equals 50lbs, lol.

Finally found a new coat as well. The denim jacket I went to look at last week was ok. The jacket only fell to mid hip and I need something that goes full hip still. When my tummy gets much flatter then I will go for a shorter length jacket. The jacket I did end up getting is wonderful. Its a classic black trench coat and I love it. Its such a better style look them the huffalump jacket, lol.

I've been slacking in eye makeup again because I have a new type and the brush got flecks in my eyes. Somehow I lost that brush and remembered that I can use Q-Tips to apply shadow eyeliner and it worked like a charm yesterday (completely forgot this morning)

My weight has flucuated all week and while I am frustrated, I am not giving up. I know chinese food makes me bloat for 4 days or so on average and I had it last Sunday... and Thursday the extra weight from that finally dropped off.. an then I had chinese again Thursday night, lol. I'm hoping to break into the next 10lb range within a week or two.. need to see fresh numbers to stay motivated, lol. I also need to find or buy a new tape measure to start taking measurements as I'm sure thats changing.

Not bad for a weekly recap. Not as much downward progress on the scale, but I'm getting leaner and stronger and I feel fabulous with my new stylish spring coat :)