Saturday, March 19, 2011

On a roll... to get rid of the rolls!

Another week... and more victories on my journey.

Fitness wise I'm doing great still. My original plan for the gym was 3-4 times a week and I'm so far consistently going 5-6. For the most part I enjoy it. I've been fighting with allergies and had a few days this week that I had to really push myself. However I did go and had great workouts each time. One day my hip was terribly sore and while I was fine standing ( elliptical) .. sitting ( the bike) was bad. Howver I just pedaled very slowly. The plus side was that it stretched my hip out and the issue resolved. Whoo hoo!

I'm also staying consistent with eating much smarter choices and portions. It finally dawned on me that the foods that I usually made due to habit and DH's picky eating.. were foods that should be treats.. not menu staples. We are making slow but steady changes and yet still eating the foods we enjoy. I'm also learning that as long as I exercise (and work those calories off) that I can eat what I want. Currently I am wanting another banana nut smoothie. At the gym they are probably 350-400 calories... I've skimmed my own recipe down to about 250. In order to balance out my day with a second one I am jogging on the rebounder. .... in 5 min increments, lol. If I get 5 sessions done I'm enjoying another shake. If I don't,.. oh well.. there's always tomorrow, and I'll have an apple, lol.

With all the healthier lifestyle changes I've made the weight had started sliding off again. I am currently at my lowest weight since having my son....4 years ago.....but still back at the lowest point... and officially a 35lb loss. I've heard/read some info that says the first 3 weeks at the gym are an adjustment time for your body..and that results start to show ..more so... after that. I'm at 3 weeks and 1 day I think so I'm hoping to really see some great changes in the next few months.

I'm pulling clothes out of the closet that I've not worn in a while and putting them together with better accessories and planning. Heck I'm even wearing my cute black heels (several different pair) at work again.  I don't think I'm ready yet for new clothes.. but then again the $10 jeans I bought just a couple of weeks ago are getting a little dangerous to wear....and I don't have a belt, lol.

I think that's about it for the weekly recap. I'm working hard at making my new healthy choices a routine habit.. and not letting it feel like something I 'have' to do. If I 'have' to do something then it doesn't feel right and I make excuses. I want to be done making excuses...and I believe this time I am.

Hmmmmm.. and would you like to know something interesting? As I've been sitting here and typing this I've been eating an apple. I'm no longer craving the banana nut shake...and I'm putting the rebounder away for today, lol....after all I've already burned about 500 calories at the gym earlier.