Saturday, March 5, 2011

Working hard.. must be patient, lol

Its been a week since I joined the gym. In that week I've gone 6 days and I'm feeling really good. My endurance increases each day and the painful legs I had last weekend are gone, lol.

I met with a trainer for my assessment on Thursday and it was all around awful.. but not outside what I expected so I was actually fine with it. The trainer was happy with my general answers and attitude though. As long as the weight comes off steadily I'm fine.

However there is a problem. I'm exercising more - so I'm HUNGRY all the time from my increased metabolism - so I'm eating more! Ugh. I'm going back to eating small light meals during the day to account for higher calories at night. This worked so well for me last fall. I'm just having trouble with my night time eating. I need to get that under control or at least binge on the healthy stuff. Last night Joe got me to agree to pizza after I'd already had a ham sandwich.. and I caved and had 2 slices - so the scale is higher this morning. I will admit I finished the last slice of pizza for breakfast and am also having canteloupe.  I am also keeping a food journal since Tuesday that also tracks moods which is good for showing me what i am eating and I am not lying. If i eat it, it goes on there. If I can't be honest with myself then whats the point.

I meet with a personal trainer on Tues for my first official session. My plan right now is to see him every other week. I don't think I can do more financially right now. It's still another positive step in the right direction. I don't have any real time frame goals for specific weight loss except for wanting another 25lbs by  a surprise party for my husband in a few months.

I'm also trying something new for me - I've started a twitter feed for thoughts, updates or hard moments. I can't always blog, and I can't always talk to those around me during the day as we all have other things to do and work on. Twitter I can update throughout the day with various quick thoughts.

Now this is not a blog only about weight loss.. its about loosing that frumpy feeling overall and being the fashionable woman that I CAN be. To that I'll throw other topics in here, but my main issue with being frumpy IS my weight. I've never admitted how much I have to loose... but maybe I need to. Maybe there are other mom's like me out there that have a large amount to loose but think I'm talking about losing less then 50.. and I'm not saying that 50 is low...but to be honest....

I have 125lbs to loose STILL. I've already taken off 32lbs ( well 30 with this mornings scale readout) . As long as I keep my perspective clear and in focus I will do it. I'm thinking that a realistic goal is early to late NEXT summer.

Thats perfectly fine with me. I've said I didn't  want to be the frumpy mom when my son starts school. Well Sept 2012 is the earliest he would start ( due to bday it may not be until 2013) so my goal of being at 150lbs will work just fine.

The good thing is that I don't have to wait until then to improve my fashion and I think I'm going shopping today for a new jacket for spring. I've been wearing my husband's jean jacket this spring so far and I'm realizing I look like a huffalump in it, lol. This is the better fitted, more flattering jacket that I want to buy.. and may just get as a bday gift to me:

Love the fitted cut and design, definitely not a huffalump look, lol

Oh and lastly today I need to share a story about a long standing foot pain problem ( no pun intended). I have plantar fascitis in my left foot. Annoyingly painful and easy  to use as an excuse to not exercise. It was better after last week on the elliptical as using the elliptical stretched out my hips - which is where the true issue is from. My hips are so tight, so the ligaments that go to the foot are tight and cause the issue. Thats a very vague overview, but is my issue.

On Thursday the trainer I met with showed me a machine that helps you stretch. I know I need to do my hips so after my meeting with her I went to use one in the women's gym. Did the left leg first. Not too bad, a little sore and stiff and expected. then I went to do the RIGHT leg.... OMG! my hip is so tight that I had to lift my foot over my knee to do the stretch!! I was glad I was alone as I started laughing over my Duh! moment, lol. If you're not aware of this - the body compensates... so an issue on one side may be coming from the other. It's not always the case, but should always be checked out. I however was NOT paying attention, lol.

I stretched well that day and did a light stretch last night at the gym. My right hip/upper leg were sore yesterday. Not painful, just there - BUT it made me highly aware of how unbalanced my gait was. Now that I'm aware of it I can correct my posture to balance my weight evenly over both feet. I am optimistic that the pain will go away by the end of next week...if I can get my right leg evenly stretched with my left, lol.