Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Progress, progress, progress!

I am still losing weight, slowly but steady. I am now down to a loss of 32lbs and am hoping for close to 50 by mid may.

had some challenges that started 2.5 weeks after my last post when my husband had a massive heart attack. He's healing remarkably well and may not even need a pacemaker. Thats still to be determined.

To make sure I keep losing the weight I decided to finally join a gym. or rather I shoudl say join a gym again. I had joined one about a year ago. I signed up online and when I went in to pick up my key tag and sign the forms I felt that I had walked into singles night and that the staff was more interested in socializing then helping. Then again it was hard to hear with the music up so high. The plus of that gym was its very low price per month, but you get what you pay for.

The gym I wanted to join is about $50 per month but is huge, has a childcare center inside and has more options. However the $50/month held me back.

Low and behold I started seriously considering it again and doing math in my head. I didn't know that my best friend of ...welll, let's just say a loooong time.... had just joined. Hmmmmm a sign maybe? I went in last friday and adressed my fears.

See I have a very annoying mindset and huge insecurities over being a gym member. I still have more pounds to lose then I'd like to admit. I have an issue where I think I am being judged at the gym and viewed as too fat to be there.

I know, I know.... all in my head.

Well with the help and encouragement of my friend I joined. I did get a better proce though. For a $199 initial fee I then only pay $29.99 per month.. until whenever. It actually saves me over a prepay plan for a year the first year....and the second year and beyond I save even more.

I joined officially on Friday during lunch and started working out that night with my friend. made it much easier with her to joke around with. We also met up at 1:00 on Saturday so 2 days for confidence building. Sadly our work schedules do not match up and I can't work out with her until Fridays. So today I had to go by myself. I did fine ( huge insecurities with me - this took effort to walk in the door today). I walked in, scanned my card, and walked right to the Women's only section as I was not in the mood to watch Conan the Barbarian in the Cardio-cinema.

Thursday I meet with my complimentary session with a trainer... then I will have a better idea of direction.

It may take me another year or two, but I will get myself to where I want to be and to be a great example for JP!